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Welcome to WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic


At WellSpring Acupuncture it is our goal to provide you with a warm, caring, and private wellness environment.  We believe that empowering you  with knowledge and support improves your outcome. You deserve to be a partner in your  healing process. We are committed to helping you through your health care challenge so that you can reach your goals, whether it be a healthy pregnancy, weight loss, or a life with less pain and discomfort.

We strongly feel that choosing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as part of your health care plan benefits your health significantly. We are committed to finding solutions to your health concerns so that you can enjoy a better quality of life. Thank you for choosing WellSpring Acupuncture it is an honor to be of service!


Monday-Thursday: 10:00 am to 6:30pm

Friday: 10:00am to 3:30am


We provide you with a consultation period that embodies caring and listening, you will not be rushed. We understand that your health concerns are important to you and provide guidance through a team approach. It is understood that you deserve to be a partner in your own healing process and our intention is to assist in empowering you with an individualized care plan geared towards the success and well being of you!

Patients are seen on an appointment basis.


Our little clinic is a busy place and we know that acute needs are always a section of care. WellSpring will make every effort possible to fit you into the current schedule if you are experiencing an acute episode of discomfort; including but not limited to; the flu, a cold, muscle-skeletal, headache, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, or depression.


Weekend hours are appointment scheduled. Currently for IVF and IUI support procedures, only.


Again, our little clinic is a busy place that provides a wonderful service to as many people as we can during a day. Often we have a waiting list and/or we have to make appointments further out for patient who may need care a lot sooner.

We know that there are times when you may find it necessary to cancel or reschedule your appointment. It is office policy that unless a 24 hour business day notice is given that the full treatment fee will be charged to you. This means for a Monday appointment, notice needs to be given by Friday at 12:30 PM.

It is the patient's responsibility to remember an appointment. Reminder calls are made only as a courtesy.


We make every effort to keep the cost of care down. To assist this effort, you are expected to pay upon the completion of each visit. Currently, our clinic accepts checks or cash as payment. A $35.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.


WellSpring Acupuncture provides for you the highest level of care. Email has been very helpful for our patients in answering health related questions efficiently between visits. Because of this importance to our patients, we have set up certain times during clinic hours for this patient service option. Emails will be answered by our Licensed Acupuncturist daily between the hour of 1:00pm-2:00pm. Service fees will apply as discussed at first visit.


We kindly request a minimum of a 24hour notice for herbal refills.


An increasing number of insurance providers and HMO's now cover all or part of the cost of acupuncture treatments, but these providers may have restrictions on the types of illnesses they cover. Check with your insurance company to see what you policy offers for acupuncture and Oriental Medicine related therapies. After filing your claim, your insurance carrier may reimburse you. Acupuncture is covered under Health Savings Plans and some Medical Savings Accounts.

At the present time WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic does not bill insurances. We will be happy to assist you with filling out any relevant insurance claim forms but payment is expected after each visit.


We have successfully worked with PI insurances.


WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic is located in a convenient and centralized location in Rochester Minnesota. We are located in the OMNI Building just off of Hwy 52, S.W. We have plenty of parking at our door and easily accessible for types of care needed. First floor, first door to your right. All are welcome!

WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic

1530 Greenview Dr. S.W., Suite 201

Rochester, MN 55902


Bodies talk. We listen.



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