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WellSpring Acupuncture  is an integrative and holistic health care clinic that uses traditional wisdom and incorporates modern day knowledge to provide care that supersedes other facilities. In addition to acupuncture and Oriental medicine we provide modern day solutions incorporating them with traditional knowledge to improve your general health and prevent the return of any difficulties.


Oriental Medicine: WellSpring calls this our "Creative Health Program". In our practice we combine Differential Diagnosis, treatment, and education (or better yet re-education through our program called "An Informed Patient is An Empowered Patient") to help you regain better health. It involves an initial extensive history and complete physical exam according to the Four Pillars of Oriental Medicine. If  it is necessary your practitioner will make other recommendation for further testing through referral, using modern day diagnostics. Each therapeutic program is individualized and contains some lifestyle modification, finding a suitable diet, even suggestions of certain foods or herbs which may help cleanse, build, and/or balance your body systems. We incorporate in our Creative Health Program sessions for physical and mental relaxation, along with, emotional balance, to help you achieve greater daily health.

Acupuncture: At WellSpring Acupuncture we know that it is important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed through your experience. Acupuncture involves the usage of solid, stainless steel, sterile disposable needles made from the most respected manufacturers. They are super fine in diameter and are cleverly designed so they slide between the skin and muscle fibers gently. Acupuncture points are chosen carefully at each visit by your practitioner. They are chosen specifically to treat your current individual diagnosis and symptoms. They include points on your arms, legs, back, abdomen, and head. Most people feel little or no pain at all during their acupuncture treatments, and in fact feel deeply relaxed. Many patients fall asleep. Once in place, many describe a feeling of deep calm, while others may experience a pleasant rush of physical energy.

Auricular Acupuncture: WellSpring Acupuncture provides you with modern day solutions to your health care concerns. Auricular (Ear) acupuncture is one of the newer forms of therapy that has developed in the past 60 years. The system of using the ear as a mirror of the body's organs for acupuncture treatment was largely developed in France in the 1950's. We incorporate several fashions of auricular acupuncture in our patient's care plans, with options including acu-seeding, acupuncture, and electrode-stimulation.

Electrode Stimulation: WellSpring Acupuncture provides you with modern day solutions to your health care concerns. Traditionally, an acupuncture assistant would have to use hand methods to stimulate the acupuncture needles. Today we use electrode stimulation to benefit our patients. Our practitioner is knowledgeable about neurological responses and manages clinical evidence based levels of stimulation that optimizes your clinical response. Electrode stimulation is a therapy that is used in conjunction with acupuncture needling. The goal is to elicit low level frequency stimulation to certain acupuncture points. Your team effort with our acupuncturist creates comfortability and relaxation during your treatment.

Botanical Therapy: Our practitioner is an Oriental Medicine graduate from NorthWestern Health Sciences University and holds a masters degree in Chinese Botanical studies. WellSpring Acupuncture upholds high standards of our practitioner and supports her continuing studies in herbal research and clinical outcomes. Our trained herbalist uses the whole plant, taking into account  the intricate balancing of herbal qualities and quantities.These herbs are then combined to make a formula, taking into account the very detailed specifics of the patient's complaints and Differential Diagnosis. Our trained herbalist is extremely committed to your outcome and will be continually reviewing and adjusting as necessary to fit your needs. Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries and is in fact older than acupuncture. Botanical (aka Materia Medica) supplementation utilizes whole plants in their natural form rather than isolates made in a lab like pharmaceuticals, creating a variety of synergistic effects on the body.

Cupping: We use traditional wisdom to provide care that is all about you. At WellSpring we provide several forms of cupping therapy for you. Cupping is designed to stimulate the flow of blood and QI within the superficial muscle layers. It is used for sore muscles, tension, neck pain, and the common cold. In this therapy small glass cups will be placed over specific areas of the your body. A vacuum is created under the cup using heat or suction. The cups may be moved over an affected area or left in place for the therapeutic effect.

Tuina: You deserve a holistic health care model that delivers results. We understand the importance of this therapy and its impact on your health and incorporate it in your care plan to impact your outcome when needed. Tuina translates to "push grab". Our practitioner has extensive studies in this art and applies multiply techniques that apply to your special needs. We are devoted to the success and well being of you. Tuina is a massage technique that moves Qi in various parts of the body. It is used to relieve muscle pain, tension, inflammation and to help with the healing of injuries.

Guasha: We use traditional wisdom to provide care that is all about you. We use specialized tools that are rubbed over a problem area. It is another technique used to release muscle tension, tightness, and constriction that you may be experiencing.

Moxabustion: You deserve the best care and the best outcome. WellSpring Acupuncture uses moxabustion therapy to "warm" acupuncture points or areas in order to quicken your healing process. If your diagnosis contains cold, cold damp, or yang deficiency it will be likely that your practitioner will use moxabustion in your care plan. Moxabustion is a treatment that uses mugwort (artemisia vulgaris). Moxabustion treatment involves the burning of moxa on acupuncture needles or acupuncture points. At WellSpring Acupuncture your safety is most important so we use moxabustion therapy in forms that provide indirect heat (not applied directly on skin).

Qigong/Meditation: You are the Champion and we are your Rah Rah team! One of our main focuses at WellSpring is to help others on how best to organize natural resources into self care practices that promote optimal wellness. We fill that by structuring our life force, we produce the energy outcomes that match our intent. The many forms of energy-gravity, magnetism, electricity-truly form part of the complexity of our nature, but our vital, conscious energy incorporates and uniquely pulls all of them together. Wellness occurs when our life force is consciously and skillfully engaged. We help our patients to initiate a revision of your energy for handling recurring stress. You will discover that emotional and thought energy can be monitored and redirected. As you feel you are gaining back self regulating resources you will expand your current limits of homeostasis and your quality of lifestyle advances.

Dietary Consultations and Education: One of our main focuses at WellSpring is to educate you on eating the right foods so that you can start on the road to good health and to empower you with preventive health measures that are available locally. We are passionate about empowering our patient with the knowledge we have learned about nutrients and their benefits. Balancing the various tastes and characteristics of different foods helps to maintain the inner yin-yang balance in your body and so preserves your health. Food needs to reflect your inner energy demands, or must be used to balance the effects of how the changing seasons have on your body. We are committed to helping you experience the benefits of proper dietary nutrients so that you can stay WELL.

Lifestyle Consultations and Education: There are many components of today's life styles that truly create many pathologies for our bodies. During the day we put on our body's and its sensory motor systems many stresses and strains. Your body responds with specific muscular reflexes. Over time these repeated reflexes become habitual muscular contractions which interfere with the smooth flow of Qi/Energy while causing depleting energy. The chronic muscular tension distorts the body and produces soreness and stiffness. We are committed to providing on going consultation to our patients, with reversing and managing depletion of Qi/Energy.

Salivary Hormone Panel for both Male and Female care: We provide for our patients who are seeking and needing additional detailed information with regards to their internal systems.

Adrenal Stress Index: We provide for our patients who are seeking and needing more additional detailed information with regards to their internal systems.

Referrals: It is WellSpring Acupuncture's mission to exemplify passion of being in service of others while offering our patients the highest level of care. We have an extended list of highly qualified professionals across, many facets of practices. We feel that at times an integrative approach to our patient's care is important to their success.  We will discuss when necessary the need for referral. We work with all grades of medical care to benefit YOU.


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