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At WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic we provide for you more then just acupuncture. It is our intention to assist all of our patients with strengthening and promoting their healing process through innovated care...we are the WELLSPRING difference!

We provide you with a holistic health care model that supports your goals. As your body responds to acupuncture, proper nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and our caring approach, you will begin to feel a sense of renewed physical strength, along with an innate assistance to your own body's healing process.

Our intent is to support you with a holistic health care model that delivers results. You will be supported with our own designed programs, "An Informed Patent is an Empowered Patient" and. These tools support you through educational and informational opportunities that pertain to your wellness goals. In addition, you will experience guided recognition of your body's signals while discovering your body's own tremendous healing ability and strength. We are devoted to the success and well being of our patients.

Our clinic provides every patient we serve with a PRIVATE room for healing, at EVERY appointment. Our rooms are designed to embody the richness of renewing your health and intended to assist you with strengthening and promoting your healing process. We fully understand the need for privacy during your health care process. We are devoted to the success and well being of our patients.

We provide you with a consultation period that embodies caring and listening. We understand that your health care concerns are important to you and provide guidance through a team approach. It is understood that you deserve to be a partner in your healing process and our intention is to assist in empowering you with an individualized care plan geared towards the success and well being of you.

We provide you with a comprehensive health assessment and TCM examination of your whole body and meridian system. In addition we will assess your pulse and demographic specifics of your tongue to provide you with a concrete diagnosis. All this will provide your care provider with an in-depth health history about you as an integral mind/body/spirit organism. We are devoted to the success and well being of our patients.

We organize your health care plan based on your Differential Diagnosis. When it comes to your care we are mindful of your outcome and know the importance of focusing and paying close attention to your Differential Diagnosis. We are devoted to the success and well being of our patients.

The reason WHY you would choose WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic: WE PROVIDE FOR YOU MORE THAN JUST ACUPUNCTURE.

We invite you to check out the other services we provide for our patients.

Bodies talk. We listen.

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