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Our fertility program Fertile Waters© is like no other in the area.

With the applications of acupuncture, stress release therapy, abdominal tuina, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle consideration the Fertile Water's multi-step program promotes vibrant reproductive health for you and your partner.

Whether you have chosen pre-conceptual care, natural conception, or a conventional approach, our Fertile Waters program is intended to assist you and your partner with strengthening and reestablishing a balance in your reproductive wellness, while improving your fertility outcome.

Congratulations on seeking a form of health care that assists your body in preserving prenatal and postnatal essence. This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your body and surrender to the changes that occur. When your body creates that new life, we encourage you to trust in your body's natural process,for it immediately begins preparing you for an even greater letting go-childbirth.

Welcome to WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic. It is truly our pleasure to serve you on your journey to reproductive wellness.

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