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Did someone mention fertility?




Created by our  own OM reproductive practitioner, Fertile Waters©  was designed to nurture you and your partner's reproductive health and raise awareness of the importance of preconception well-being. Our program preludes preconception readiness for any couple of childbearing age, couples that may be experiencing  idiopathic interferences that inhibit their conception, couples who have experienced loss through miscarriage, and is supportive of couples who are beginning or who may have begun assisted cycles.

We would like to help you improve your chances of making your dream come true, just like we have helped other men and women under similar circumstances. Our staff at  WellSpring Acupuncture Clinic will provide you and your partner with the special care that you deserve. while in a caring, nurturing, and supportive environment.


"We want to have a baby! What should we do to prepare?"

WellSpring Acupuncture offers many services that provide you with empowering tools and support for the journey of a healthy pregnancy and most of all a healthy baby. The means of preparation for healthy sperm and eggs, along with a balanced endocrine system may need attention quite some time before conception is achieved and is dependent on you and/or your spouses health histories and lifestyles.In a woman it takes approximately 100 days for your egg to develop into a beautiful follicle, and then releasing at ovulation an oocyte that wants to connect with a healthy sperm. In the male it is approximately 116 days for sperm production to be completed and many internal and external influences can effect their outcomes.  We will provide guidance while you take a proactive way to utilize this time. You and your spouse will become familiar with your cycle and its cyclic indicators, while adapting a healthy diet and lifestyle in the months prior to possible conception. Once the factors of imbalance are overcome, and your body is restored to a proper balance of health, conception can occur as nature intended.Nature is ready when all aspects of reproductive wellness is in line and balanced. Our OM reproductive specialist is here to help you achieve this with our Fertile Waters program!


"We/I thought becoming pregnant would be easy, but we are having problems getting pregnant!"

Our definition of fertility imbalance is defined when a couple has been actively engaging in pro-creation but not YET successful. When all reproductive organs and anatomical structures are present, a medical diagnosis of infertility is often a misconception. Basically, many factors can cause a woman or man to have difficulty with conception. Sometimes conception is achieved, but you experience a loss through miscarriage. We understand how painful these experiences are. Here is where our expertise in acupuncture and OM reproductive health achieves promising and significant, HAPPY, outcomes. Our program supports your body with pre-conceptual care and education that can improve your health and fertility imbalance. Preconception care is based on helping your body produce the healthiest eggs and sperm possible. In a woman it takes approximately 100 days for your eggs to develop towards ovulation and in the male it is approximately 116 days for sperm production to be completed. Once the factors of imbalance are overcome, and your body is restored to a proper balance of health, conception can occur as nature intended.


WellSpring Acupuncture provides you with an integrative care model. It is not uncommon for individuals and couples to seek care with their doctor first about their fertility concerns. Our reproductive specialist utilizes modern day diagnostics from your doctor, as well, to monitor hormonal balance.  During your consultation and health care assessment at WellSpring, MUCH information with be gathered before your treatments begin.If our OM reproductive specialist feels it necessary, she will suggest a referral to your MD/OB-GYN recommending  further testing. We are devoted to your health and reproductive success.


If you are seeking a conventional approach to your conception such as: medicated induced ovulation,IUI, IVF, FET, ICSI along with acupuncture and OM, our OM reproductive health specialist recommends you begin care with Fertile Waters three to four months prior to these procedures. Our program supports and nurtures all aspects of your reproductive system and recognizes the nature of the egg and sperm cycles. Our program focuses on detailed information about your body's cycles, physical presentations, nutrition and lifestyle. All these factor in your care plan. We want the BEST possible outcome for you.

You may have already started a conventional approach to your fertility and now have heard about the great effects of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at WellSpring. GREAT! YOU HAVE FOUND US! We encourage you to relax and breath...and come in. Your scheduling for appointments will be slightly closer together and your care plan will be modified to fit the schedule your reproductive endocrinologist has you following. Determining lifestyle and nutritional modifications will still be discussed in your health care plan. You will receive proper guidance and support with our team approach. We will provide the services and care that is necessary to support your Differential Diagnosis here at WellSpring Acupuncture and the cycle that you are following with your RE. We are devoted to your fertile wellness and well-being.

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